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Mobilizing the Supercharged Immune Armies Within

AVM0703 could be the first choice for no-option cancer, autoimmunity, and infectious disease

Our Story

AVM Biotechnology was founded in 2008 by Dr. Theresa Deisher, Ph.D. With over 30 years of successful pharmaceutical research experience and holding over 47 patents, Dr. Deisher leads a team of scientists dedicated to changing what a diagnosis of cancer, autoimmunity, or chronic infectious disease means to patients and their loved ones. We received FDA IND approval to test our lead product AVM0703 for treatment of lymphoid malignancies. The mechanism of action that makes AVM0703 work against aggressive cancers may also prove effective against COVID-19.  To further that research, AVM Biotechnology has received permission to proceed with clinical trials against this virus as well as Influenza virus which also causes deadly ARDS.


The Future of Immunotherapy